Make Your Invoice Approval Workflow

For over a decade Google has been serving the needs and requirements of all technical procedures of storing, generating, and managing data. Invoice approval is one of the most used and an on-demand procedure requires much input and evaluation to execute the same.

Invoice Approval Workflow

For heavy workspace users, it requires a lot to manage the data. Supplier invoice approval workflow is one of the major workflows that is required to maintain the data. To maintain the detailed flow of the data, the automation of the procedures is a must. Supplier invoice goes with the main branch sending the details of the approval, acceptance, or declination of the goods and services via e-mail. Every time purchase or transaction is made, the details are stored in the cloud and a similar reply mail is sent.

The details of the sender are stored in google sheets from which then the details of all the senders are separated specifically. A task is assigned to the supplier handler team to make a detailed note of which supplier to approve and which one to reject. After then the payable team approves which payment has to be done and which one not to.

The zenphi tool has made the tasks easier to operate and manage. The onboarding of the new employees is also automated. The on-boarding procedure includes the detail collection, mailing the eligible candidates, and assigning them their roles; these are all done with the help of the zenphi tool.

The automation procedure helps deployment of many such important works get easier and saves a lot of time and resources. The zenphi tool commonly known as the drag and drop tool has made things progress being automated and perfect.

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